Scuba Diving Coaching in Dubai

At Dubai Divers, we offer coaching lessons that caters to the divers needs. These diving lessons are available for you to tune up your skills before a diving trip or a diving class.

The scuba diving coaching lessons can run in the pool or beach, Dubai or Fujairah, we can decide together based on your goals. The time in the water also is flexible, obviously the more the better. At the end of the session, you will receive a report on how you’ve progressed during the day, and what can be improved.

The coaching lessons can be anything from the following diving skills or any other topic that would be interesting for you.

Buoyancy & Trim

Neutral & horizontal

Spool & Line Laying

Lay lines for wreck penetrations


Back, helicopter, frog & Flutter


Safety drills for out of gas diver

Valve Drills

Double tank valve drill operation


Recovery of divers


Descend protocols


Ascent protocols


Natural & Compass Navigation

Surface Marker Buoy

Foundations of SMB deployment

Equipment Configuration

Learn how to configure & streamline your gear

Stage handling

Learn how to handle an extra tank

Coaching Fees

  • 1000 AED per full day per student
  • 500 AED per half day per student
  • 150 AED per hour per student
  • 1800 AED for Private Coaching - full day

did you know?

  • Becoming a GUE instructor can be a long and a tough process, as is meticulously confirmed by a small group of Instructor Trainers and Evaluators.
  • Every GUE instructor must succeed in a fitness test and prove the highest ability to teach the classes they are authorized to teach, on an annual basis.
  • Unlike other diving agencies GUE doesn’t allow “crossovers” from other diving organization, where an instructor is quickly awarded an instructor status. In another words, only the best of the best would become GUE instructors.
  • There are only around 150 GUE instructors worldwide

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