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Why Dubai Divers?

We focus on top quality training for non-divers, recreational divers, and diving instructors to raise the quality and enhance the safety of diving within the United Arab Emirates.

We help divers reach their goals, whether it is to discover scuba diving, sharpen their skills or learn new diving concepts. Our training and courses are based from Global Underwater Explorers and PADI.

Global Underwater Explorers

Highly recommended Classes

GUE Fundamentals

By far GUE’s most popular program. It's a transformational course and a gateway to the GUE system.

GUE Double Primer

A workshop designed to teach you how to safely dive a double tank configuration.

Scuba Diving Nitrox PADI

The most popular PADI specialty course. Diving with Enriched Air allows you to spend more time at where you love to be.

did you know?

  • GUE is the first and only to prohibit smoking among its divers
  • GUE is the first in the dive industry to introduce Helium to recreational divers
  • GUE is the first and only to eliminate "deep air diving"
  • GUE is the first and only to introduce nitrox in all classes
  • GUE created industry wide awareness of proper buoyancy and trim
  • GUE is first and only to mandate standard equipment and protocols
  • GUE is first and only to require certification renewal and instructor requalification

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