Scuba Reviews

Mark B.

GUE Fundamentals Diver, PADI Instructor and Tec 50 diver

"The GUE Fundamentals class was excellent and I felt a definite improvement in all areas, particularly in my ascents. Alain is a great instructor and provides relevant feedback at appropriate times in order to improve his students. Alain managed the COVID crisis well and made the most of all available resources in order to complete the course. "

Andrew M.

GUE Fundamentals Diver

"I received my initial diving certification 20 years ago with NAUI, and continued my training with PADI to the level of Master diver. However I was left feeling that my overall skills as a diver were not well developed and was looking for more indepth training to become a more competent diver. I decided to explore the GUE program and did my fundamentals training with Alain Eid. I appreciated his feedback and blunt comments; both the good techniques and what needed improvement. Beyond just stating what needs improved, he took the time to discuss the how and why, and took the time to genuinely develop the skills needed to before a more accomplished diver. If you are looking to develop yourself into a diver who wants to become a responsible, respectful, and skilled diver to interact and protect the marvels of the underwater world, then I would suggest that you consider looking at the GUE training with Alain."

Alperen K.

GUE Fundamentals

"Beginning from couple of days before the course, everything (what is needed, where will course be conducted, how long will it take etc) was clearly stated and this really helped to remove all confusions and made me wait for the course stress free.

Instructor was a real professional and friendly from the minute one and motivated me a lot. I did not feel we are rushing to finish some drills so we can tick some paper, instead, I truly felt instructor does care about my improvement and how I am performing.

From my personal relations to my professional life and to my diving, I always value honest feedback, and feedback I received throughout the course was truly in that manner. Now I have tons of things to work on before continuing my training with GUE, thanks to detailed feedback sessions, underwater videos clearly shown by instructor and some extra verbal suggestions about how to fix any particular problem.

All in all, fundamental part 1 was not only an introductory GUE course, but also was the best diver training course I have ever received. Thanks to my instructor, Alain Eid, and every GUE member, past and current, who made this organization alive today."

Thomas B.V.

GUE Recreational Diver 1

"I had never dived before doing the GUE Recreational Diver Level 1 with Alain in Dubai. Throughout the 10 pool dives and 6 open water dives, Alain was a patient but also meticulously focused instructor giving a lot of valuable and detailed feedback. This has given me a lot of confidence in my abilities as a diver and as a dive buddy, and from the start made all my dives very enjoyable even in challenging conditions. Again I am very happy with the training I got, it makes the dives so much more enjoyable even though everyone else on the boat are screwing around - I still get a bit baffled by the general level of abilities of most of the recreational divers you meet in the wild…"

Amadou D.

GUE Fundamentals Diver

"Joining a scuba diving agency like GUE can be intimidating at first, since it’s not the most well known, and carry a reputation of being extremely difficult and demanding (which it is:)). However Alain shines at demystifying GUE thanks to his pedagogic skills, and his vast network of divers from all agencies happy to join as buddies for courses or diving trips.

Alain is the incarnation of GUE vision: make divers skilled and safe, so then can have - a lot of - fun while diving!"

Ben C.

GUE Fundamentals Diver

" Excellent course, excellent teaching, and structured well. The Two stage Fundamentals course really allowed for more progressive learning, with time to practice, and embed skills. Pool sessions were very valuable in learning skills to progress to open water. "

Eva L.

GUE Recreational Diver 1

" I am very grateful to have had Alain as my GUE instructor, diving is an amazing activity on which I had some blocages from old times (equalizing) and his teaching was super complete, very safe and taking his time with me, he planned the classes and week end perfectly, I think I am having really good basis in diving thanks to him. I would definitely recommend Alain to anyone wanting to learn diving!"

Ewelina S.

GUE Recreational Diver 1

" Alain is a real SME . As a student I have no doubt that he is truly passionate and committed to what he is doing, promoting and looking up to GUE standards. Thank you for leading me throughout the diving journey."